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The Best Construction Companies in Charlotte, North Carolina

by Martin Vivo • October 13, 2022

With a number of employment opportunities and its low cost of living, Charlotte is considered one of the best places to live by Norada Real Estate. The increase in company headquarters is making the city an economic hotspot, attracting potential employees and residents. If you are looking to settle in the area, whether you are […]

The Best Retail Architects in Charlotte, North Carolina

by Martin Vivo • September 14, 2022

The most populous city in North Carolina, Charlotte serves as an economic hub in the state. It is home to the corporate headquarters of institutions such as the Bank of America and Wells Fargo and was declared a Gamma+ level global city by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network (GaWC). With its vast variety […]

The Best Industrial Architects in Charlotte, North Carolina

by Martin Vivo • December 9, 2021

The city of Charlotte ranks among the nation’s fastest-growing metros. It generated 888,000 new residents between 2004 and 2014—ranking as the third-fastest developing major city in the United States. The Queen City houses iconic infrastructures within its borders.  The historic Charlotte-Douglas International Airport is the seventh busiest airport in the world. The incredible structure features […]

The Best Commercial Contractors in Charlotte, North Carolina

by Martin Vivo • August 12, 2021

It has been a great business decade for Charlotte. In 2013, Forbes listed this city as one of the Best Places for Business and Career. Today, Charlotte is the United State’s second-largest banking center behind New York, the major center of the motorsports industry, and the new energy sector capital. The Bank of America, Formula […]

The Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in Charlotte

by Charlotte Architects • May 29, 2018

Seated in south-central North Carolina, Charlotte is a populous city known for being a financial and business hub. It is famous for its parks, outdoor venues, and social scenes. There are plenty of dining options and a range of quality schools, making it a preferred location to reside by families and outgoing young professionals. Housing […]

The Best Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Charlotte

by Charlotte Architects • May 29, 2018

Charlotte, North Carolina is known as the “Queen City.” This vibrant city is a great place to live if you love close-knit communities and the outdoors. It has a low cost of living, stunning weather, easy access to the mountains and the ocean, and a growing food scene. Center City, also known as Uptown Charlotte, […]

The Best Residential General Contractors in Charlotte

by Charlotte Architects • May 28, 2018
Ever since the Queen City’s real estate market started booming in 2016, homebuilders have enjoyed a long-awaited revival in their trade. Home values are rising. Charlotte Magazine reported that the median sales price went up to $185k in 2016 for the first time, and over 42,000 homes were sold in the Charlotte metro area, producing high sales not seen in 10 years. These are welcomed statistics for residential contractors who specialize in custom home builds, especially since market analysts are not expecting another crash anytime soon.
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The Best Residential Architects and Designers in Charlotte

by Charlotte Architects • October 16, 2017

Charlotte—North Carolina’s “Queen City”—has a distinct atmosphere and vibrancy. This city’s residences and structures reflect its history, including the early inhabitants’ Victorian and Italianate home designs. Charlotte has a flourishing and rich architectural past.

The Best Commercial Architects in Charlotte

by Charlotte Architects • October 16, 2017
North Carolina’s largest city is witnessing the strongest urban growth of any city in the South, according to a May 25, 2017 article in the Charlotte Business Journal. Much of that growth began in the 1970s, when two international banks made the Queen City their home. Since then, Charlotte’s population has exploded and its urban center has transformed into a financial stronghold. Charlotte is now the second largest banking center in the country. Its economic development is reflected in the city’s imposing skyline, and many of the architectural firms listed below have contributed to this growth. Some of the firms have main offices out of town — or state. But they all share one thing in common: a mission to design commercial structures that reflect sustainable living and civic responsibility.
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The Best Restaurant Architects in Charlotte

by Charlotte Architects • October 16, 2017
It’s a tall order these architects fill — converting turn-of-the-century churches into hip hangouts or blending a client’s national image with tastes local enough to lure Charlotte’s brand of foodies. The challenge has only intensified as the Queen City’s population swells with diversity; international tastes are making restaurants rethink their approach, transforming their menu from the traditional, down-home Southern fare of steaks, fried chicken, and barbecue that once dominated the food scene in Charlotte. Alongside changing menus, diners also also expect a restaurant’s atmosphere to enhance the dining experience. No group better understands this than the entrepreneurs – whether Mom-n-Pop or the power brokers of America’s multi-billion dollar fast-casual food industry – who’ve relied on the architects discussed below to make it all happen. But each understands that while food and drink are a restaurant’s main attraction, its décor can never be an afterthought.
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