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The Best Interior Designers in Charlotte

by Charlotte Architects • October 16, 2017
Interior design in the Queen City reflects its traditional Southern heritage, but with a nod to its newfound commercial vibe. The designers chosen here have made it to the top of their profession, largely because they know how to achieve balance in more than just color palettes. They understand the contemporary, urban lifestyle that makes their Charlotte clients tick. The term “full-service” is one they all use. It means they perform at high levels, whether they are suggesting fabric for custom draperies or driving the design choices from a home’s construction phase to its move-in readiness. The following list ranks these design stars by the scope of their design projects, their academic pedigree and awards, and the artistic influences that inspire their creations.
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The Best Office Architects in Charlotte

by Charlotte Architects • October 16, 2017
Jumping trends, balancing work styles, and understanding fundamental changes are ways that office architects must now approach a task they all face — finding the connection between workplace design and employee productivity. For that really is what office design in today’s corporate landscape is about. It’s a landscape where CEOs of Fortune 500s and startups alike have accepted that to boost bottom-line results, they must realign work environments to stimulate Generation Y employees impacted by globalization, urbanization, and the distracting pleasures of Silicon Valley. That challenge exists whether a company works out of Manhattan or Charlotte, North Carolina, as the companies described here do. Each of these office architects understood that challenge. And rather than look for a universal office design template, they carefully researched a client’s workforce to find what fits and what doesn’t. The results? Practical solutions to workplace realities and office interiors beyond compare.
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The Best Custom Home Builders & Design-Build Firms in Charlotte

by Charlotte Architects • October 16, 2017
Quality over price tag has been driving the housing market in North Carolina’s largest and most vibrant commercial hub in recent years. This is a part of America where grand oaks still run up and down neighborhood streets. Still, as the country’s second largest financial center, Charlotte has caught the luxury home-building bug that’s ripped through every other up-and-coming metropolitan center in the US. And that brings us to this list of design-build firms. Every one of the homebuilding designers mentioned below is first-rate, in experience, customer service and client satisfaction, and overall competence.
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